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Dom Uly and Thomas Fiaty


Dom starts out by working the kinks out of Tom’s back, but once he pulls down his shorts to get at it, his thoughts immediately take on a much more exciting trajectory. He can see the thick, stiff cock poking through the material as his hands cover every single inch of Tom’s body, so he decides to do something about it. He slides the shorts down to show off Tom’s jock strap and the outline of the delicious cock right underneath them. Dom lets his fingers play over it to make sure it’s ready for action before slipping off the strap and going right in for the naked dick. He works both hands up and down the shaft, paying special attention to the sensitive head. He works the balls like a champ and even gives that tight little asshole a little play time with his thick fingers. After a few minutes of excitement, it’s Tom’s turn to put a little effort into Dom. He gets down on his knees and wraps his warm lips around his cock and sucks on it for all that he’s worth. He gets it nice and stiff and then it’s time for Dom to get on his back and take Tom’s cock deep inside his tight but lubed up asshole. He lets Tom get close to exploding but wants to finish in the best way possible. He leans over the massage table and Tom thrusts himself in and out until he shoots his thick load all over Dom’s back.

Featured Models: Dom Ully, Thomas Fiaty
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