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Willy Regal - Rusty Yark


Holy fuck! We finally have Willy Regal in our studio! Willy is an upcoming porn star in the gay porn industry and we've wanted him to shoot for us for a year now and we finally got him. We decided to pair him up with Rusty Yark because we thought it was the perfect match and boy it was :) The chemistry between the 2 boys was instant. As soon as we told them to go for it, they started wrestling on the mat right away. Watching them fighting for the right to top was so hot! Both boys didn't give up that easily. At one point, we thought that Rusty was going to be dominated by the handsome Willy but nope, Rusty did a great job and gave Willy a good run for his money hehe When it was time to surrender, Willy and Rusty started kissing. That's when we knew we had made the perfect match :) The boys were totally into it. When came the time to get into serious business, Willy just went for it. He stuck that hot cock of him straight into Rusty's ass who seemed to get tons of pleasure from it. After a good pounding, we all got surprised to see WIlly get on on all fours to receive Rusty's cock. Fuck that was hot and we weren't expecting this at all! What a treat!

Featured Models: Rusty Yark, Willy Regal
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