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Joel Vargas vs Dom Ully

Boys often get rough with each other when they get together and Joel Vargas and Dom Ully are no different. They play a game where they try to tap each other in the nuts when the other is not expecting it. Joel caught Dom slipping one day and he tapped him but he hit him too hard. Dom doubled over in pain and Joel tried to comfort him, telling him that he did not mean to hit him that hard. Dom was upset, but he had to accept that it was their game and it was a matter of time before one of them got hurt. Joel felt bad for hurting his friend and put his hand on his dick. Dom pushed him away at first then challenged him to a fight. He told him that, whoever won the fight, could fuck the other in the ass. He waited for Joel’s answer, not sure how he would react. Joel smiled and started getting the wrestling mat out. Dom is aroused right away, wrapping himself around Joel’s body and won’t let go. This is one of the reasons that Joel wins. Instead of celebrating, he gets horny and hard and starts shoving his dick in Dom’s mouth then shoves Dom’s dick in his. He turns him over so he’s on all fours, smacks his ass, spits in his asshole, then fills it balls deep with his cock. He spoons Dom and fucks him some more until he cums on his asshole.

Featured Models: Dom Ully, Joel Vargas
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