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Ken Assle has work to do, but his cock is going to get in the way. It’s not his fault that he’s so horny. He spends all day at the computer with no one to take care of him. He’s looking good in his suit and he knows it. That’s why he starts caressing his hot body over it. That’s enough to convince him that it’s time to get naked. He takes it all off and sits in his office chair to start jerking his cock while he thinks about someone under his desk. It doesn’t take long to cum. His free hand moves down and starts squeezing on his balls. It gets his cum ready to blow all over his tight and toned stomach. He even lets one of his fingers make its way down to play around with his tight little asshole while he jerks himself off in the office. He lets the cum shoot out all over his own body and he can’t do anything but moan while it all comes out. The last drop splats against his skin and he lets his head fall back so he can relax and let the pleasure sweep over his body.

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