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Leo Mariano and Florian Mraz


Gorgeous and athletic boy toy Florian Mraz is horny after playing sports, so he sits in the locker room gently stroking his erect cock like no one is watching. Leo Mariano comes in and he must like what he sees because he starts watching him from behind one of the lockers. Florian catches him watching and they are instantly drawn to each other. Leo sits next to him on the bench and they start kissing. Florian moans with his wonderful deep voice and they start stroking each other’s cocks. Leo is the first to get on his knees and sucks Florian’s dick deep but tenderly as he strokes his own. Leo loves it so much that he starts moaning with the dick in his mouth. This turns on Florian even more and he can feel his balls start to tighten. Florian starts feeling the urge to suck some cock too and he proves to be even more eager than Leo because he gets on his knees and completely swallows his cock until it hits the back of his throat. He moans while he sucks, and Leo can feel the vibration from his deep voice. Leo must feel Florian’s cock in his mouth one more time, so they change positions, and he can go back to sucking. Finally, Florian gets what he’s been waiting for when he sits on the bench and Leo rides his dick fast and hard. Leo’s dick remains stiff and throbbing as it swings around and smacks him in the stomach while he’s being ass fucked. They then pull out one of the benches, so Florian can slam him from behind while his ass is bent over and his asshole is open. A couple deep thrusts makes Florian feel like he’s going to cum, so he pulls out, jerks off, and cums all over Leo while he lies on the bench jerking his own cock. Leo thinks back to the moment that he walked in to see Florian masturbating as he lies on the bench with a mixture of both of their loads of cum on his stomach.

Featured Models: Florian Mraz, Leo Mariano
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