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Ricardo Castillo and Andy Fisher


Ricardo has had the hots for Andy for a long time, and today is the day he will seduce the boy of his affections, Andy. Ricardo gets Andy into the locker room and offers him a massage. Andy quickly says yes, since he’s wanted to feel Ricardo's hands on his body for a long time now. Ricardo starts by slowly rubbing oil all over Andy’s sleek back, but soon lets his hands wander down to Andy’s cute little ass, eagerly squeezing the flesh of Andy’s sweet ass cheeks between his slender fingers. As he works his way to Andy’s tender inner thighs, Ricardo knows Andy’s as aroused as he is, and has him turn over so that he can get a good look and feel of Andy’s beautiful cock. Now Andy actively wants to join in the gay fun, and can’t wait to get ahold of Ricardo's bulge that’s clearly throbbing right through is shorts. Soon they’re both eagerly stroking each other’s hard cocks and entering a world of carnal ecstasy. And we all know that handjobs lead to delicious blowjobs, and then the real fucking. Ricardo slowly enters Andy’s tight, clean asshole, and it isn’t long before he’s pumping in and out of it with long, smooth strokes that make them both gasp and moan in lustful delight. Ricardo plunders his boy conquest in just about every position possible until they’ve both cum buckets of salty jizz all over each other. Their mutual crush led to mutual spurting orgasms.

Featured Models: Andy Fisher, Ricardo Castillo
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