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Tyler Fox and Corey Law


A good massage after a match is always the best thing that one man can give another. That’s exactly what was promised to Corey and all he has to do is lie back and enjoy it. Tyler starts off by working his back with a little bit of massage oil and very well acquainted hands. He pulls down his boxers to make sure he gets his ass muscles, then Corey gets rolled over so the real work of the massage can begin in earnest. Tyler doesn’t waste any time in getting that stiff cock into his hands for a little stroke to make sure it’s standing up as hard as it possibly can. He gives it a little bit of oral attention, then the two switch positions and Corey takes it upon himself to turn Tyler’s cock into the thick and stiff monster that he knows it can be. He strokes the entire thing, from the base of the shaft to the tip of the head, then he decides that this massage could be so much more. He moves down in between Corey’s legs and gently slides his own stiff cock into his tight and waiting asshole. Corey takes his own dick into his hand and jerks it in time with Tyler’s thrusts. One more position change has Corey mouthing Tyler’s cock and riding it like a stud while stroking himself. The two horny boys end up covering each other’s asshole and chest in their creamy and tasty cum loads.

Featured Models: Corey Law, Tyler Fox
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