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Vavulin and Koval

A nice bath is all you ever need at the end of the day to relax, especially when Koval walks in on you and gives you an evening to remember. Vavulin is washing up in the bathroom with nothing on but a pair of boxers when Koval gets naked in front of him and jumps into the shower. Although the other tries to focus on cleaning himself up, his eyes are drawn to the now wet body as the water cascades over the chest and stomach. It doesn’t take long for Koval to have a reaction of his own and he reaches down to take his cock into his hand and start stroking it in front of his friend. Try as he might, Vavulin just can’t take his eyes off of the action and soon finds himself walking over to the shower and giving his friend a helping hand. He starts off by kissing and caressing his chest, but it’s only a matter of time before his own hand makes its way down to his cock and strokes it in time with his mouth. Koval joins in on the fun and reaches for Vavulin’s dick and they both enjoy a good shared jerk, but Vavulin has other things in mind. He bends down and takes the thick, stiff cock that he was just stroking into his mouth and makes sure to lick the head with his warm tongue. After the two simply can’t take anymore, Koval takes Vavulin’s tight asshole.

Featured Models: Koval, Vavulin
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