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While relaxing at home, gorgeous tanned brunette Veni decides he is horny and ready for a stroke session. Thankfully this hottie likes an audience, and it only takes him a moment to whip out his hard intact cock. He starts slowly, savoring the feel of his foreskin sliding up and down his shaft, back and forth over the huge head of his cock. The lean stud is a joy to stare at, and it is impossible not to drool over his muscled body. Of course my favorite was his huge hooded shaft which he works so expertly. Clearly he knows how hard he is making us and he loves every second. Every so often he stops his skillful stroking to tug on his foreskin, letting us admire every inch of him as he gets closer and closer to his climax. Soon he can’t help himself, and his stroking gets faster and faster, his foreskin flying up and down the hard length of his shaft. After a few moments he shoots his load in an explosive orgasm that you won’t soon forget.

Featured Models: Veni
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