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Vitali Kutcher vs Andrew Kitt


Vitali Kutcher and Andrew Kitt are with us in this new episode. This is Vitali's first time with us. Hot young skinny dude with a few tats. Him and Andrew haven't known each other for very long, about a year but they became really good friends. Andrew has been filming for us for a while now with some of his very best friends so let's see what happens here between him and Vitali. We didn't waste time this time and asked the guys to go for it and start wrestling. Right from the beginning, Vitali was dominating Andrew which was a surprise. We were sure that it would be the other way around. It wasn't long before Vitali was declared the winner and Andrew, the sore ass loser (literally). Vitali shoved his cock in Andrew's mouth for him to suck. Then it was time for Vitali to suck on Kitt's uncut cock. After a while, Andrew got on his four with Vitali right behind him. We asked the guys if they wanted to shoot without condom, but they prefered to be safe with Andrew joking about his bud being a slut lol Oh well, safety first and we're totally good with that. So with condom on, Vitali started pounding Andrew's butthole. Andrew's taking it well for a loser but from his face expression, he's really feeling his bud's cock. Andrew then got on his back and Vitali continued to fuck his sore hole before the boys jerked off and came.

Featured Models: Andrew Kitt, Vitali Kutcher
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