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Will Sims and Andrew Kitt


It's all true about what they say really goes on in locker rooms during off hours. Will Sims and Andrew Kitt love the smell of testosterone in amounts that only the boys' locker room can produce, and it never fails to get them hot and horny, even when they truly do intend to just engage in an innocent massage. Soon Will has Andrew on the table, rubbing down his toned back and tender ass. He gently squeezes Andrew's ass cheeks, parting them slightly to get a good look and cop a feel of his pink butthole that he just knows is begging for cock. Will starts licking and sucking Andrew's tool, getting it nice and hard and easily responding to his oral skills. Soon they're both standing up kissing tenderly, rubbing their cocks against each other and wanting more. Pretty soon the massage table is squeaking with the ass pumping action of Will and Tim, with Will taking every last beautiful inch of Andrew's big cock into his throbbing asshole, savoring the sensation of having the tip of Andrew's rod send electric currents deep into his flat belly. Their groans of gay pleasure echo in the locker room, turning them on. Will even lets his ass get plowed on top of the pommel horse before going back to dog style and getting a loving reach-around. Will's legs tremble as he cums, spurting hot semen onto the floor while Andrew continues to ass fuck him and squirt all over his backside.

Featured Models: Andrew Kitt, Will Sims
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