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Will Sims and Ryan Torres

When handsome Will offered Ryan a massage as he was walking through the woods, Ryan thought it a bit odd to see a massage table out there, but couldn't resist the chance to lie down and let his body be at the disposal of such a cute boy. The rubbing and touching soon lead to a passionate kiss, and now it's very clear that they want to fuck each other raw right here outside where anyone could walk by and catch them. Not only did they end up fucking right there in the woods that day, but they continued to suck and ass fuck every chance they got from then on, always starting out with sweet, tender kisses that invariably led to urgent petting and stroking. They like to caress each other's hard little nipples while making out before diving into each other's bulging pants. They like to kiss in between sucking cock, letting each other taste the other's own salty cock mixed with the wet saliva of their hungry mouths. Will and Ryan never skimp on foreplay; there's always lots of deep kissing and fondling before they start sucking each other's fat cocks. Then Will can't wait to have his ass reamed by Ryan's thick meat, taking him all the way in while masturbating himself. Will is very flexible, and can contort himself into all kinds of positions to get the maximum penetration and pleasure from Ryan's cock. They both work hard to make sure the other cums hard.

Featured Models: Ryan Torres, Will Sims
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