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Zack Hood - Johannes Lars

Johannes Lars is a sneaky thief and he thinks that he’s going to get away with a lot today. He manages to get himself inside an apartment and goes right to work grabbing everything that he can find. He shoves it all into his backpack and looks around for more. He’s not as good as he thinks, though. It turns out that Zack Hood has been watching him the whole time. He steps into the room and he’s in no mood to let this thief off the hook for anything that he’s done. He traps him on the sofa and immediately starts to teach him a lesson about stealing things. If Johannes thinks that other people’s property is his for the taking, then Zack is going to treat the twink’s body the same exact way. He rips off his clothes and shoves his stiff cock deep into the boy’s mouth. He tries to get away but gets assaulted with the taste of dick in his mouth. Zack isn’t done, though. He forcibly bends the twink over and jams his thick cock deep into his virgin asshole. He can tell that it hurts, but he has no desire to stop or slow down. This has to be something that the boy remembers for the rest of his life. What he doesn’t expect is Johannes own cock to stiffen and stand at attention while his asshole it pulverized. Zack takes a break by sitting back on the sofa and the twink is right there to go back to sucking his cock for him. It turns out that being forcefully taken by an older man is the twink’s biggest dream. The Daddy flips the boy over and makes sure to shoot his load all over his face while Johannes furiously jerks himself off to cum on his own stomach before he gets kicked out.

Featured Models: Johannes Lars, Zack Hood
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