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Zack Hood - Richard Hicks

Zack Hood is all alone and he feels like a good jerk off session on the sofa. He pulls off his pants and takes his dick into his hand to make it feel good. He closes his eyes while he strokes it and completely misses the fact that Richard Hicks is staring at him through his window. He can feel his own cock getting harder and harder as he stands there and watches the older man pleasure himself. He finally can’t take it anymore and walks into the house with him. Zack is surprised at first but quickly understands what’s happening when the twink gets down on his knees and takes the Daddy’s throbbing cock into his mouth. It’s nice and warm and Zack decides to let him keep working his shaft, even though the boy is clearly trespassing. He sits back on the sofa and the twink lays on his side to really enjoy the taste of the giant dick in his mouth and smell of the older man’s balls in his face. He wants to do more, though. He gets up and decides to sit down on top of the Daddy and really give him something to enjoy. He lowers his virgin asshole down onto his thick cock and slowly takes every single inch inside his body. He rides him hard and feels the head of his dick massage his prostate in his ass and he loves it. Zack is ready to explode so he turns the twink onto his side and pounds his young ass from behind. The boy jerks himself off as hard as he can so he can just manage to shoot off his load before the Daddy pulls out and covers his soft things in creamy and sticky semen from behind his young body.

Featured Models: Richard Hicks, Zack Hood
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