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Anthony Dawn


Anthony Dawn is in the bathroom and he’s really horny. That’s why he’s in there in the first place. He needs a good, long jerk and this is the best place for him to do it. He takes his time to wash his hands before he gets down to business. He likes to caress his entire body to start making his cock grow and stiffen in his pants. As soon as he feels it push against his pants, it’s time for them to come off. That’s when he finally takes his dick into his hand for a stroke. He knows that other people use the bathroom and that’s what turns him on about it so much. He stands at the sink and jerks his cock while he imagines the next person coming in and stepping in his cum load on the floor. He pulls his foreskin hard and closes his eyes in pleasure. He can’t stop himself from jerking off and he knows that he should catch his cum, but he can’t. It’s too much of a turn on to let it shoot out all over the bathroom and that’s when he starts to blow his giant load.

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