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Dom Uly and Thomas Fiaty 2


Dom Uly starts out on his stomach getting an extremely attentive massage from his favorite masseuse. Between the oil rubbed into his back and the magic finger work on his thighs, he can be forgiven for the bulge in his underwear when he finally gets stripped down to them for the second half of the work. Things take a turn when he finds himself on his back with Tom’s hands gliding up and down his legs, working their way closer and closer to that bulging package of his. Dom gets himself rolled over onto his stomach once more and Tom goes to work on his tight little ass, making sure to spread his cheeks wide apart and ever so slowly work his fingers closer to his hole. A quick dip down to his feet and Dom suddenly finds his cock wrapped up in the delicate and expert hands of a master masseuse. He strokes the stiff and throbbing thing, making sure to keep the balls in on the action to give this massage the happiest ending it could possibly have. Intent on doing his job to the best of his ability, Tom leans forward and wraps his lips around it. He gets it lubed up with his saliva and goes back to work with his hands, stroking his cock with all of the skill that he has. Dom simply lays back and lets the magic happen as his body starts to buck and he covers his own stomach in his cum.

Featured Models: Dom Ully, Thomas Fiaty
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