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Dominik Black is more than okay with jerking off, but that doesn’t mean that he’s not wishing someone was there fucking him instead. He just has to make sure he takes care of everything that the other guy would when he’s alone. That’s what’s going on today after he gets all of his clothes off. He spreads his legs wide so he can slide his finger deep into his asshole while he jerks himself off. He even strokes it in front of a mirror so he looks at himself from the other guy’s perspective when he shoots off his load. He keeps thinking about a horny guy in front of him and watching him stroke his cock. It makes him jerk himself off faster and faster. He can feel his cum get ready to blow out of his cock. He has to figure out how he wants to get it all out. He stares at his own dick and gets up close to the mirror. His cum starts to shoot out in bands and hit against the mirror. It sticks to it and runs down the glass. He uses his cock to rub it all around and make sure it dries right there.

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