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Erik Lenn - Will Kade

Erik Lenn is in a horny mood and he’s going to take care of himself in bed. He slowly pulls his dick out of his pants and wraps his fingers around it to give it a good jerking. He’s just getting into it when Will Kade happens to walk by and catches him loving himself. He could just let it go, but he can’t let a Daddy in need go without. That’s why he just jumps into the bed with him and replaces the older man’s hand with his mouth. He manages to get his stiff cock even harder than it was, and then it’s time to give the older man something to suck on. Erik enjoys the taste of the boy’s cock in his mouth and he gives him a nice, long blowjob until it’s time for him to finally blow his load. Will gets on his side and Erik gets behind him to shove his throbbing dick right into his ass. He pounds into him from behind over and over again and the twink loves it so much that he starts jerking himself off with the rhythm. He turns back over just in time to shoot his load all over his own stomach. Now it’s just a matter of time while he waits for the Daddy to blow his own load. He thinks about how lucky he was to catch the older man jerking off in his bed and smiles when he feels the hot cum shoot out of his balls and onto his tight chest. That’s why it’s always a good idea to jerk off where someone can find you. You never know when someone will be willing to take over for you and let you shoot your load onto them instead of into your own hand.

Featured Models: Erik Lenn, Will Kade
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