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Tim Law vs Johannes Lars


Tim Law just got a new car and he thought that his friend Johannes Lars would be so happy for him. When he showed it to him, his reaction was just the opposite of what Tim hoped. Johannes didn't just dislike his new car. He seemed to talk a lot of trash about it. It was clear that he was jealous that he got such a nice, new car. Tim didn't think that was fair at all so he challenged Johannes to a fight. Johannes happily agreed because he couldn't wait to get his hands on him. After fighting for a bit, they do much more than just put their hands on each other. It becomes clear that the winner of this fight is going to fuck the loser in the ass really hard. Each of them has a uniform on with the ass hanging out so they are both ready to be the one who gets ass fucked. They are pretty evenly matched and they are both very athletic, but Tim ends up getting the best of Johannes who is more than happy to get on his knees and fill his mouth with Tim's cock. Johannes then puts his elbows and knees on the map with his back arched and his juicy ass in the air while Tim drills him deep and hard. Tim gets so aroused that he changes the rules and starts riding his friend's cock. His asshole was throbbing and he wanted to get fucked too.

Featured Models: Johannes Lars, Tim Law
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