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Jacob and Tobi

You are not going to want to miss this incredible clip of Jacob and Tobi. These two intact hunks love to get together and fuck, and they turn out some of the hottest videos I’ve seen. The clip starts with Jacob alone, getting more aroused by the second as he watches some porn. As the action on screen heats up, Jacob whips out his huge hooded shaft, which is already hard as a rock. He starts stroking himself, tugging on his long foreskin with obvious pleasure. Instead of just jerking it, this hunk decides he would like a little tongue action on his hood. Since there’s no one around to give it to him, this lucky fucker decided to do it himself, bending over and sucking on his engorged head and tasty foreskin. It is then that Tobi walks in, and he can’t wait to join the fun. He wastes no time stripping and kneeling down so he can take his pals big cock in his mouth, slurping all around the head and under the hood. The two take turns licking and sucking on each other’s uncut junk for a while, even giving each other ATM. Finally they are ready to fuck, and Jacob rams his huge cock into Tobi’s ass. Your cock is going to be instantly hard watching them go at it, and you will love the explosive sprays of cum they shoot on each other out of their hooded meaty dicks.

Featured Models: Jacob, Tobi
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