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Martin Muse


Sexy Martin Muse is relaxing in a comfortable chair in a small room looking sexy. He is fully dressed, but you can tell how nice his body is already. He lifts his shirt and shows that he has hard abs that still look soft to the touch as he starts rubbing himself. He lifts his shirt up farther and caresses his chest then moves down and rubs his cock through his pants. He pulls his shirt off and continues touching himself as he unzips his pants. He stands up and takes them off and he is wearing nothing but his underwear. He spreads his hairy legs and rubs his cock through his underwear and you can tell that this is going to be a big one. He squeezes and rubs it as it grows larger and larger. He finally releases it and his cock is even bigger than it looked in his underwear. He slides the thick foreskin up over the head then back down on the shaft. His cock is glorious and looks even better when he is stroking it. He pinches the foreskin on each side of his cock and slides it up and down over the head. His dick gets harder and thicker the more he plays with the foreskin. He spreads his legs wide and starts jerking off. He starts his stroke all the way down at his balls and all the way up the head. He squeezes the shaft and stretches the skin with each stroke. He rubs his chest while he jerks off and the camera goes in for a much closer look. He jerks off harder and faster until he erupts and shoots cum all over the chair that he's sitting in. He sits there fully satisfied with sticky cum between his legs.

Featured Models: Martin Muse
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