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Max Bourne - Dominik Black

Max Bourne is having a good workout and giving the punching bag his all. He’s there to work out and let the much younger Dominik Black lift weights on the other side of the room. Max looks over every so often to see what the twink is up to and can’t help but notice that his form is a little off. He’s much more experienced than the boy and he has more than a few things that he can teach him about his body. He makes his way over and shows him how it’s really done. The two of them can’t keep their eyes off of each other’s bodies and it doesn’t take long for them to give into their gay lust. Dominik drops right down to his knees as soon as he sees his Daddy’s massive and throbbing cock come out of his pants. He takes it into his mouth and drools over the flavor of the older man’s cock on his tongue. Max decides to return the favor and sucks on the twink’s little dick until it’s nice and stiff for him. He invites the boy up onto his lap after he lays on his back and Dominik can’t wait to force that dick deep into his own asshole. He’s so worked up by being taken by an older man that he can’t keep his own hands off of himself. Max let him ride him hard and even tells him that it’s okay to blow his young load on his stomach. As soon as the last drop drips onto his abs, Maz decides that it’s his turn. He gets back up and lets the young twink suck him off and taste just how delicious going ass to mouth can be. He even lets him jerk out his load and take it all over his young and pretty face.

Featured Models: Dominik Black, Max Bourne
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