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Mickey Rush vs Oscar Hart


Mickey Rush when to college with Oscar Hart and they hung around campus together a lot. They were in the same frat and they had a lot of good times together. Mickey was clearly a little more feminine than Oscar, but it never complicated their relationship until Oscar called Mickey gay. Whether it was true or not, he didn’t appreciate that his friend would call him that as if it was something bad. They had a disagreement about it and they determined that the best way to settle their disagreement was to fight. Oscar felt bad about what he did so he insisted that the winner fuck the other one and ram his dick deep into his asshole. Mickey agreed, so the fight was on. They show that they both want to win when they get on their knees on the mat and go at it. They both get so horny from touching each other that they start exchanging blowjobs. Their friendship makes their arousal more intense because this is something that they have both been thinking about for a while. After the blowjobs, they start cock riding. They moan with their cocks so hard that they are throbbing. They have fun spreading each other’s mouths and assholes. They fuck just as intensely as they fought and asses are pounded hard until they both empty their balls on each other. They are going to be friends and fuck buddies for a long time because sex is better than they could have imagined.

Featured Models: Mickey Rush, Oscar Hart
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