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Oscar Hart is a stunning young man with an athletic build and a huge cock. He sits alone in a room and his cock is already hard because he is rubbing it through his pants. He pulls his pants down around his hips and pulls out his hard cock playing with the foreskin. He squeezes the shaft while he plays with the head. He pushes the skin up over the head then inserts his finger into it. He puts some lotion on the head so the foreskin will be extra slippery and continues playing with it moving it up and down the shaft while sticking his finger in it and tickling the head. He starts jacking off and quickly gets faster and faster. The foreskin feels so good as it slides up and down over the head of his dick. He lies down on the bed and gets a better grip on his cock and continues jerking off. He squeezes the shaft and sticks his finger back down in the foreskin. You can see his huge cock throbbing as he holds the head and pumps up and down. His body starts to stiffen as he jacks off harder and faster. He goes back to playing with the head and sticking his finger down in the foreskin. His cock throbs as he squeezes it and moves his finger around the sensitive head. He gets some sweat on his brow as he comes close to orgasm. He has teased himself so much that he is about to explode. Finally, he pumps thick cum out of his dick that lands all over his stomach. He lies there playing with his foreskin while basking in the euphoria of his orgasm. The only thing he loves better than masturbating is knowing you are watching him.

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