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Rodzynek and Milo


Gorgeous brunette Milo and his equally sexy buddy Rodzynek can’t keep their hands off each other. They waste no time in this amazing clip, and slide each other’s clothes off while heatedly making out. Rodzynek pulls out sexy twink Milo’s big stiffy and to his delight (and ours) sees that he has a long delicious foreskin. He tongues and sucks all around the head of Milo’s cock, sliding his skillful tongue underneath Milo’s foreskin. Of course Milo doesn’t want to let Rodzynek have all the fun, and it doesn’t take too long for him to have his buddy’s cock out so they can suck on each other. Milo really knows how to give amazing head, and takes obvious pleasure in sucking and slurping on Rodzynek’s tasty foreskin. You will really be hard when this red-hot pair start to fuck. Milo loves the feel of Rodzynek’s intact cock thrusting inside him, and the horny duo try it from all kinds of positions. Milo really likes to be fucked hard, and Rodzynek gives it to him, pushing his cock deep inside Milo’s ass until he can take it no longer. He pulls out his cock and shoots his huge load all over Milo’s face, and this is all it takes to push the brunette hottie over the edge. A few strokes with his hand, and Milo climaxes too, spraying his cum all over.

Featured Models: Milo, Rodzynek
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