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Peter Lipnik


Peter Lipnik is certainly no stranger to his own cock and today he’s been struck with the need to give it a good old fashioned jerking while he lies in bed. He starts off completely clothed, but the caressing of his own body soon convinces him that he would be much better off completely naked. He takes off his shirt and slips his hand down his pants to get himself started before they come off as well. He doesn’t waste any time after taking everything off before he takes the stiff thing into his hand and strokes it up and down. With one hand running all over his body, he only stops jerking himself off to play with his long foreskin. He pulls it up and spreads it open to get a nice view of the penis head underneath. It only serves to turn him on even more and he soon finds himself on his knees, licking his fingers to lube himself up while pulling his foreskin all the way back and then all the way forward. When he feels himself getting closer to an explosion, it’s time for him to lie back down and focus on the work at hand. He grabs himself and jerks off as fast as he can make his hand move, never letting himself slow down or take a break. His body starts to buck and he closes his eyes just in time for his cum to shoot out of his cock and cover his entire chest.

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