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Richard Rox is sitting on a bench and letting his hands caress his entire body when one of them decides to find its way down his pants. He slides his finger over his cock and lets it start getting stiff before he stands up and takes off all of his clothes. He makes sure to show off his tight ass as he slides his pants down and even gives it a few slaps before it’s time for him to get down to the business of stroking himself off and covering everything around him in his thick and creamy cum load. He slowly jerks the shaft and makes sure to use one hand to cup his swollen balls and stroke his chest to get as much pleasure out of his play time as he possibly can. He gets onto his back and uses his foreskin to massage his throbbing head before it gets to be time to be serious. He closes his eyes and switches hands to jerk his stiff cock until his balls are about to burst right then and there. He never slows down and never takes a break until he finally lets go and his white cum gushes out of his cock, covering his pelvis with the warm and delicious protein. He lets his head fall back against the bench as he breathes heavy and waits for his heart to stop racing and his muscles to stop tensing after having the best orgasm that he’s ever been able to give himself.

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