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Ryan Cage vs Jamie Oliver


Ryan Cage always had a lot of affection for his friend Jamie Oliver. They never had any problems with each other. They always got along and had each other's backs no matter what. They had never even had a disagreement until Ryan heard a rumor that Jamie was talking about him behind his back. Ryan confronted him about it and Jamie was upset that Ryan would even suggest that he would talk behind his back. He didn't appreciate that Ryan didn't trust him any more than that. They start fighting and It's clear that they don't want to hurt each other. It's quite the opposite. They start getting horny when they touch each other's bodies and they both start getting boners. That's when they know that the fight is going to end in sucking and fucking. Jamie has the strategy of getting on his knees and trying to pull Ryan to the ground, but Ryan's strength gives him an easy victory. Jamie does not hesitate to get on his knees and start sucking so Ryan's dick will be nice and hard when it ravages his ass. After Ryan gives Jamie a blowjob in return, Jamie gets down on all fours with his ass open and ready for Ryan's big fuck stick. Ryan fucks him from behind in both doggy style and spooning positions and both of them end up draining all the cum out of their balls. Most of Ryan's cum ends up in Jamie's mouth.

Featured Models: Jamie Oliver, Ryan Cage
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