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Vasiliy and Kote


Kote is treating himself to a nap on the sofa when Vasiliy walks in with a much better idea than sleep. He bends over starts to kiss his neck and nibble on his ear with his soft lips. Kote wakes up immediately with a smile on his face and knows exactly what’s about to happen. Vasiliy makes his way around the sofa and starts to take off Kote’s clothes. He unbuttons his shirt and exposes his nipples in order to give them a quick licking. Kote lets his head fall back and closes his eyes to enjoy the sensations until he’s greeted with yet another kiss. The two get each other totally naked and Kote makes sure to end up with his friend sitting on the sofa with his stiff cock ready for his mouth. He wraps his lips around the long, thick member and bobs his head up and down, making sure to cover every single inch of it in his saliva. Kote then knows what he has to do to make this whole experience perfect for Vasiliy. He sits on the sofa and throws his legs high into the air and presents his tight asshole to Vasiliy’s thick cock. Without wasting any time, Vasiliy slides his dick deep into Kote and pumps his hips. His cock slides in and out of the tight place and Kote can do nothing but close his eyes and enjoy it. The two then jerk themselves off onto Kote’s chest and tight abs.

Featured Models: Kote, Vasiliy
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