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Zack Hood - Gregor Gilead

Zack Hood is ready for a massage and Gregor Gilead is the perfect twink to give it to him. He’s already shirtless on the bed when the younger boy comes into the room and mounts up onto his back. He works his small hands all over the Daddy’s big muscles and makes sure to give him the best rub down that he’s ever had. He even turns him around to work his front side as well. It’s a full service massage that’s not going to end until the customer is completely satisfied. That’s why, as soon as the muscles are relaxed, Gregor reaches into Zack’s pants and pulls out his throbbing cock. The twink wraps his lips around it and gives it the sucking that it really deserves. Zack is happy to lie back and enjoy it, but he knows that he can still get more. That’s why he gets the twink to sit on top of him and lower his tight asshole right down onto his thick shaft. The twink takes it all and grinds down into it and make the Daddy feel as good as he can. Zack ends up wanting to take over, so he gets the twink on his side to slam his cock back inside him. He grabs onto the twink and hammers himself deep into him and gets right to the point of cumming hard all over his prostate. That’s why he has to pull out and stand over the twink’s face to finish everything off. He empties out every last drop of cum into the boy’s face. As a thank you for his service, he stands over him and watches Gregor jerk himself off. He’s so worked up by the Daddy that he can’t stop himself from shooting his load all over his own stomach while the cum drips down his face.

Featured Models: Gregor Gilead, Zack Hood
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