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Randall White and Casper Ivarsson


Unassuming blonde pretty boy Casper Ivarsson hangs out in the locker room after playing soccer. He goes through one of the lockers and takes out a pair of underwear. Suddenly, his greatest locker room fantasy comes true when stunning big dick cutie Randall White catches him jerking off. Randall proceeds to him pull down on the bench and pulls his stiff cock out from him to blow. Casper is more than happy to and even opens his warm, wet mouth as wide as he can to keep pushing the dick all the way to the back of his throat. It is easy to see that he is hungry for a cock and Randall is glad to be the one that gives it to him. Casper treats the throbbing member like it’s the best tasting lollipop in the world. Randall is overcome with passion and lifts Casper from the bench. They kiss lovingly while they push their bodies together and make their dicks touch. Randall then guides Casper to lean against the lockers, so he can get down on his knees and start sucking him off. He has done this before because his hand works up and down the shaft like a pro while he sucks the head. Randall wants to feel how tight Casper’s asshole is, so they pull one of the benches out. Casper holds on to it while his tender ass is being fucked. He looks almost stunned by the rush of ecstasy as Randall pushes his cock deep into his ass. Casper’s dick is still stiff as a board as he is getting his ass pumped from behind and he loves it more, each time he feels balls bump against him. Casper wants to see if they can get it even deeper, so Randall sits on the bench while Casper rides his cock with his own rock-hard cock swinging around in a circular motion. Randall grabs him around the waist to push his cock in deeper and Casper starts riding it faster. They both come close to cumming so they sit on the bench together and jerk off.

Featured Models: Casper Ivarsson, Randall White
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