Rodzynek and Glen Photos


Foreskin loving fuck buddies Rodzynek and Glen give us a clip that you will absolutely not want to miss. It starts out with lean hottie Glen at his computer. Rodzynek is relaxing on the bed next to him in an obvious invitation, and Glen is not about to pass it up. It doesn’t take long before the two are peeling off each other’s clothes, their hungry mouths finding one another’s hard nipples and even harder intact cocks. These two are both hung, and watching them slurp and tongue each other’s long foreskin is such a turn on. They spend some time sucking on one another’s hooded stiffys quite skillfully, but eventually they are both ready for more. Glen climbs on top of his hunky pal and slides Rodzynek’s cock inside him, riding him enthusiastically. He loves the feel of Rodzynek’s intact meaty dick thrusting in and out of him. Eventually though he is ready to cum, and wants to show his hot pal a neat trick. Glen can suck his own cock, and you will be ready to shoot your load when you watch him do it, and then spray his own face with a powerful cum shot. It certainly does it for Rodzynek, and it only takes him a moment of jerking his big hooded woody to reach his own mind blowing climax.

Featured Models: Glen, Rodzynek
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