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Vitali Kutcher and Jamie Oliver


Vitali Kutcher and Jamie Oliver are working out and getting their supple twink bodies even more tone and ripped. They are both in muscles shirts and short shorts and they each keep stealing a glance as they work out. Vitali walks over to the locker room and Jamie acts like he misses him already. He stares at him for a beat before walking into the locker room and sitting next to him on the bench. They start kissing immediately and they each have their hands on the other’s cock within seconds. Vitali then stands up and Jamie knows what he wants. He pulls Vitali’s gym shorts down and starts vigorously giving him an amazing blowjob. He wraps his arm around his ass and grips his right hip while he slides his mouth farther down on his dick while stroking it. Both boys are aroused and moaning because they were attracted to each other from the start. Their shorts are still down around their ankles as Jamie stands and fills Vitali’s mouth with his cock. Jamie then sits on the bench while Skinny little twink Vitali swallows his dick even deeper and strokes his balls. Jamie then bends over the bench, so Vitali can start ass fucking him. Vitali might be thin, but he has a thick cock and thrusts it deep in Jamie’s ass, making him moan louder. Jamie’s big, tight balls are swinging as he gets his ass rammed and leans back to kiss his locker room sex partner in appreciation. He wants to see if he can get fucked any deeper, so he has Vitali lay down in the floor, so he can ride him and force his full weight down until he’s balls deep. It’s still not quite deep enough, so he lays down with his legs spread wide while Vitali drills him in the missionary position. Jamie grabs his dick and squeezes it while Vitali pumps him hard then pulls out and cums all over his stomach. These two are sure to start coming to the gym more often if it means cumming this hard before they leave.

Featured Models: Jamie Oliver, Vitali Kutcher
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