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Robby Barrera and Andrew Kitt


Robbie and Andrew met in class a couple of days ago, and their mutual attraction was palpable. Robby offered to show Andrew his massage skills, and Andrew couldn't wait to feel Robbie's delicate hands all over his lean body. The massage table was ready, and Andrew lay face-down to that Robbie could get a good look at his muscled back and firm ass. Robbie eagerly began rubbing him down with warm oil, enjoying the feel of Andrew's warm flesh under his fingers. He soon flipped over so that Robbie could get an eyeful of his bulging package through his cute little briefs, and Robbie was nearly slobbering on himself looking at Andrew's cock. He knew Andrew wouldn't object to taking his briefs off and letting him stroke his cock and taint. He wanted him good and hard, and took him into his soft mouth, nearly inhaling Andrew's cock down to his throat. Andrew wanted a taste, too, and greedily began gobbling Robbie's dick, letting his lips and tongue cover its entire length, making Robbie moan with abject pleasure. Robbie sat in the chair as Andrew gently lowered himself onto Robbie's hard cock, taking him deep into his ass until he could feel the tingling pleasure in his belly. He bounced up and down on his thick shaft, loving every deep thrust and explosion of pleasure. The fucking soon got fast and furious with Robbie jacking himself off with an ass full of man meat. Their orgasms were intense and satisfying.

Featured Models: Andrew Kitt, Robby Barrera
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