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Rick Jonas vs Ariel Black


Rick Jonas and Ariel Black are best friends. They are always commenting on each other's pictures and posts on social media. They always get along in person, but there is something about social media that gets them both worked up. When they disagree about something, they become aggressive immediately. Ariel got tired of this happening over and over, so he wanted to stop it by having one fight to decide who was the ruler of social media. The loser could never talk back to the other on social media again. The other stipulation they agreed on involved a lot of pleasure for both of them. The winner would not only be king on social media, he would be king of the loser's asshole. That means that the winner would penetrate the loser's asshole with his penis and pump cum all over him. They appear to be playing grab ass at first because they love touching each other so much. Rick ends up pinning Ariel and grab ass turns to dick sucking. Rick then sucks Ariel's cock in return and he is very affectionate about it and kisses his stomach before he swallows his dick deep. Rick then throws Ariel's legs up in the air and starts banging him in the asshole while Ariel moans with pleasure. Ariel then rides Rick's cock hard making it go deep as it can possibly go. The dick feels so good in his ass that he cums all over the wrestling mat.

Featured Models: Ariel Black, Rick Jonas
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