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Lucas Morrison vs Dom Ully


Lucas Morrison and Dom Ully are close friends who both work hard and they start planning to go out of town together for their next vacation. The question is: where to go on the trip. Lucas is a city boy and wants to go party in a city they have never been before. Dom likes the outdoors and wants to go camping in a beautiful location. Neither of them will agree to let the other one decide and they end up getting in an argument about it. They try to figure out ways to settle the dispute and finally agree that fighting about it is the best answer. They don’t want to have a real fight though. They just want to wrestle as a test of physical strength and skill. The winner gets to decide where they go on vacation, but they also get to decide who gets fucked first. They started becoming aroused as they argued and agreed that this would be the best outcome to their fight. They couldn’t wait to fuck each other. Dom takes Lucas down wanting to end it quickly but Lucas has a lot of fight in him. So much fight that he ends up winning the match and getting his dick sucked. He then sucks Dom’s dick before bending him over a barrel and ramming him in the ass. He lays him down on the mat and fucks him some more until Dom cums on his own stomach then Lucas kneels over him and cums too.

Featured Models: Dom Ully, Lucas Morrison
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